Containment Isolators

Our Rigid Containment Isolators...have been designed for handling potent compounds that can offer guaranteed levels of operator protection as low as 10ng/m3 (task duration). These include designs for sampling, dispensing and sub-division, mixing, milling and vessel charging, as well as containing integrated process devices such as filter dryer units, tablet press enclosures, blenders, mills and pack off systems.

The Isolator is designed to not only provide a physical barrier between the operator and the product but to also provide a controlled environment, negatively pressurised with an atmospheric condition or a reduced oxygen content using an inert gas.

To maximize both operator and equipment interfaces 3D modelling and full scale mockā€“ups are used extensively to facilitate the best understanding possible of the pharmaceutical process and the operators involvement whilst ensuring high levels of containment are achieved.

Extract also offers installation, commissioning and IQ/OQ validation and containment testing by our fully trained engineers to ensure the system fully conforms to your requirements. To complete the package, our dedicated Aftersales department will supply total support.