Pass Boxes

Static Pass through Boxes are used for transfer of material between two Clean Rooms that are equally Clean. Static Pass Box should not be used between Clean Room and nonClean Room. Our PassBox has electromagnetic interlocking arrangement between the two doors with LED indication to show if any door is open.

In pharmaceuticals manufacturing facilities, it is essential to minimise man / material movement and avoid cross contamination between different classified areas to achieve desired classification and to maintain integrity of products and processes. Pass Box is designed to allow material transfer without much personnel movement. It also aids controlling ingress of particulate contaminants into cleanroom and between different classified areas.

sikhara Industries makes Static and Dynamic Pass Boxes meeting the customer specific requirements and to the highest standards. Option of choosing the type of pass box depends on the containment level and transfer of material from one class of cleanliness to other class of cleanliness. We also supply the pass boxes suitable for flame proof areas.